Word break

Utilities for controlling word breaks in an element.

Class Properties
.break-normal word-break: normal;
.break-words overflow-wrap: break-word;
.break-all word-break: all;
.truncate overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;
white-space: nowrap

Use .break-normal to only add line breaks at normal word break points.

<p class="break-normal">...</p>

Use .break-words to add line breaks mid-word if needed.

<p class="break-words">...</p>

Use .break-all to add line breaks whenever necessary, without trying to preserve whole words.

<p class="break-all">...</p>

Use .truncate to truncate overflowing text with an ellipsis () if needed.

<p class="truncate">...</p>


By default, no responsive or hover-state variants are generated for word break utilities.


To include responsive variants like .md:truncate, add "word-break" to the $responsive-variants variable in your theme’s _variables.scss file when recompiling your CSS:

$responsive-variants: (
  // ...


To include hover-state variants like .hover:truncate, add "word-break" to the $hover-variants variable:

$hover-variants: (
  // ...

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