Updating the Sign In link

A Sign In link within the page header allows users to log in to the help center and access additional functionality, like a list of their requests. The link can be customized by editing the page header template.

To update the Sign In link:

  1. Click on the Customize Design icon (Customize Design icon) within the left-hand menu of Zendesk Guide. This will open the Themes page.
  2. On the theme you want to edit, click Customize to open it. Zendesk Guide Themes page
  3. Click the Edit code button on the bottom-right of the page.
  4. Select the header.hbs template from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  5. Locate the Sign In link within the header template:
{{#link "sign_in" class='nav-link'}}
  {{t 'sign_in'}}

To change the link text, replace the {{t 'sign_in'}} translation helper reference with static text or a reference to dynamic content, using the dynamic content helper. For example:

{{#link "sign_in" class='nav-link'}}
  Log in

To remove the Sign In link entirely, simply delete it from the template.

In some themes the Sign In link code may look a little different, however searching for a link containing the {{t 'sign_in'}} translation helper reference is a quick and easy way to locate it.

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