Purchasing a theme

Individual themes from our collection can be purchased through the Zendesk Theme Marketplace or our website. The Complete Package, which is exclusively available through our website, includes all of our current themes and future releases.


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The Zendesk Theme Marketplace offers Standard and Developer theme licenses. The Standard license only allows branding and customization to be performed using theme settings, whereas the Developer license provides full access to the theme’s source code. Theme purchases made through our website are equivalent to the Zendesk Developer theme license.

You can start a 14 day trial of any theme from the Zendesk Theme Marketplace. Themes that you are trialling can be viewed within the Theme Library section of the Guide Themes page. Once you’re tried a theme you must purchase it before you can use it as a live theme.

Themes purchased through the Zendesk Marketplace will be automatically installed in your account, whereas those purchased through our website need to be imported into Zendesk Guide. For more information, refer to our article on how to install your Zendesk theme.

All prices, whether in the Zendesk Marketplace or on our website, are one-off. There are absolutely no hidden or ongoing costs.

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