Updating the logo link

Your company logo is presented within the page header and can be updated using theme settings. By default, when a user clicks on the logo they are returned to the Home page of the help center.

If you would like users to be directed elsewhere when they click on the logo (for example, your main website), you can achieve this with a simple change to the page header template.

To change the link associated with your logo:

  1. Click on the Customize Design icon (Customize Design icon) within the left-hand menu of Zendesk Guide. This will open the Themes page.
  2. On the theme you want to edit, click Customize to open it. Zendesk Guide Themes page
  3. Click the Edit code button on the bottom-right of the page.
  4. Select the header.hbs template from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  5. Locate the logo link within the header template and replace the href value of the logo link ({{page_path 'help_center'}}) with your desired URL.
{{! Logo }}
<a href="{{page_path 'help_center'}}" class="navbar-brand m{{#is current_locale.direction 'ltr'}}r{{else}}l{{/is}}-auto">
  <img class="block img-fluid" id="logo" src="{{settings.logo}}" alt="{{t 'home_page' name=help_center.name}}">

If you would like users to be redirected to the URL in a new tab or window when the logo is clicked, add an attribute of target="_blank" to the link.

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