Applying custom styles

The Zendesk article editor allows you to create a variety of standard HTML elements using an intuitive toolbar interface.

Unfortunately the editor cannot be extended to include additional buttons, so custom styles like those provided in our themes must be added using the Source Code view. To apply a custom style to an element using a class name:

  1. Create a new article or edit an existing one within Zendesk Guide.

  2. Click on the Source code button (View source code in article editor) in the editor toolbar.

  3. Locate the heading, paragraph or other element that you’d like to style and either add a class to the existing list of class names or create a new class attribute. For example, a standard paragraph can be transformed into a styled note callout using the .note class:

     <p class="note">
       This is an example of a standard note available in all themes.
       You can apply this style to any content by simply applying the 
       <code>.note</code> class name to a paragraph or container element.

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