Adding a notification banner

Notification banners allow you to communicate important information to your visitors, like service outages, product or pricing changes and general announcements.

Our themes include a built-in notification banner that supports multiple languages through the use of dynamic content. It can be displayed above the page header or below the hero section on the Home page.

You can customize the location, colors and content of the notification using theme settings. More advanced customization can be achieved by editing the notification’s micro-template.

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Adding a notification banner

To add the notification banner to your help center:

  1. In Zendesk Guide, click the Customize design icon (Customize icon) in the sidebar.

  2. Click Customize on the theme you want to edit.

  3. In the Settings panel, select the General page elements section.

  4. Select a location (Header or Home page) from the Notification location setting. Selecting “None” will hide the notification completely.

  5. Create a Dynamic Content snippet containing the content that you’d like to have displayed in the notification banner.

    Creating dynamic content with the notification content

    The content can contain HTML and be translated into multiple languages using variants. Because they do not rely on you creating articles or other content within Zendesk Guide to support them, you don’t need to worry about what effect they’ll have elsewhere in your help center.

  6. Add a reference to your notification content in the Notification content setting. For example, if the placeholder for your dynamic content is {{dc.hc_notification}} the value of the setting should be hc_notification.

If you’d like to show multiple notifications anywhere in your help center you can use our Notifications extension.

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