How to install your Zendesk theme

In this post we explore how to install a theme into your Zendesk Guide help center using a from a compressed theme file.

The installation steps differ slightly depending on whether you:

  • Purchased a single theme through the Zendesk Theme Marketplace
  • Purchased a single theme through our website
  • Purchased all of our themes through our website (the Complete Package)

We’ve updated our documentation to include a walkthrough of how to install a Zendesk theme, covering all of these possibilities. It’s worth noting that we also offer free theme installation with all purchases, so if you’d prefer that we install and setup your theme just contact us.

If you are intending to make heavy customizations to your theme and take advantage of the power that comes with our framework, you should work on the theme locally using your favorite code editor and preview changes within your instance using the Zendesk apps tools.

Updated on 2 February 2022

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