Customizing your theme footer

In this post we explore how to update the footer of your Zendesk theme so that it aligns with the brand of your company and some important things to consider when doing so.

For the purpose of this post we consider the footer to be part of your help center contained in the footer.hbs template of your theme, which is present on all pages.

Common elements

The footer of your Zendesk theme is practically free from constraint. By default, there are a couple of elements available for use that are created using Zendesk helpers:

  • A link to the Home page of the help center
  • A language selector

Companies sometimes include some or all of the links and text from the footer of their main website, however the pros and cons of this approach should be weighed in the same way they are when customizing the theme header.

Layout and design

We’ve created a number of ready-made footer layouts which are available in our Pattern Library. They range from simple to complex in terms of content and layout structure, so you can choose one that best suits your company and simple add or remove links and change the appearance using our utilities.

Often a few simple background color and text color changes are all that’s required to give you a professional looking footer in minutes.

Published on 13 August 2020

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